I. International Antiziganism / Antigypsyism Congress: „The failure of the scientific thinking in the Roma research“ Taschenbuch – 22. März 2023

The text describes a conference on Antiziganism that took place in Hamburg in October 2004. The conference was supported by various organizations, including the Council of Europe, the University of Hamburg, and the Hamburg State Centre for Political Education. The aim of the conference was to discuss scientific approaches to clarify, uncover, and combat Antiziganism. During the opening ceremony, representatives from academia, politics, and Roma organizations spoke, highlighting the importance of cooperation between the affected parties and the majority society in the fight against Antiziganism.
The text then goes on to summarize various discussions and workshops that took place during the conference, covering topics such as literature and modern history, linguistics and early history, philosophy-ideology-politics, and workshops on specific issues related to the Roma and Sinti communities. The final panel discussion focused on the role of science in combating Antiziganism.
The conference was opened by Marko D. Knudsen, a prominent activist and expert on the rights of Roma and Sinti in Germany and Europe. The vice-president of the University of Hamburg also gave a speech, emphasizing the importance of addressing Antiziganism and the responsibility of science in doing so. The conference provided a platform for experts and activists to exchange ideas and strategies to combat Antiziganism and improve the situation of the Roma and Sinti communities.